David W. Truetzel

David is an accomplished transaction processing operator and private equity investor, as well as a former Investment Banker.  As a Founder and General Partner of Hela Capital Partners, LLC, Hela acquired a 12% interest in Kanbay, a US based, India staffed, IT services provider for the financial services industry in 2003 at a $160 million valuation, and Kanbay went public in mid-2004 at a valuation of approximately $450 million, which generated a IRR of 349% at the time of the IPO.  Mr. Truetzel was the CFO of Paymentech, a private credit-card processing company, which went public with proceeds of $151 million in 1996, with a secondary of $234 million in late 1996.  Paymentech was the third largest credit-card processing company in the United States.  In addition to other private equity experience as a Managing Director of Gryphon Holdings II, David was an Investment Banker at A.G. Edwards for ten years, where he advised on over seventy transactions, with a combined transaction value of over $4 billion.  David was the CFO of Paylinx, the interim CFO of US Spine (Amedica), and the interim CEO of Paranet.  David is a former C.P.A. and has an MBA from Wharton.  David is a founder or owner of numerous other emerging technology companies.   David is on the Board of Clearent, Amedica (US Spine), and Paranet.



Robert B. Wetzel

Robert has successfully managed a number of life sciences companies and divisions of larger life science companies on three continents, as well as a successful life-science advisory company. Mr. Wetzel founded Alchemy Advisors in 2001, an advisor to managers and owners of private life science companies and private equity/venture capital groups, where Robert has advised on numerous corporate development, corporate finance, regulatory, due diligence and strategic issues.  Mr. Wetzel was a Senior Executive at Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, a leading life science company, for over seven years where he was the Managing Director of Eastern Asia and the Operations Manager for Continental Europe.  Robert was the Founder and Executor of Solutia’s Pharmaceutical Services division.  Robert was the interim CEO of US Spine, the interim COO of Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, and the interim CEO of San-Mar Labs.  Robert has an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon Tepper School of Business, a B.A. from Vanderbilt University and was a LBO banker at the Bank of New York.  Robert is a former Board member of of Circle Medical and Texcel Medical, a current Board Member of MO 22, as well as a founder, board member, advisor or owner of numerous other emerging life science and medical device companies.